With Damien the omens weren't good for the sexy North London girls

With Damien the omens weren't good for the sexy North London girls.

With Damien the omens weren't good for the sexy North London girls

Damien’s conversation to be honest left a little to the imagination. He was obsessed with stocks and shares, hedge funds, mergers and acquisitions, bulls and bears. Unfortunately for me it was balls, a murky, shadowy and unintelligible world that meant absolutely nada. I tried on several occasions, unsuccessfully to switch the conversation to something more entertaining. When movies and music didn’t work I tried travel and tourism. When that didn’t work I switched topics to something I was sure would put a sparkle in his eyes – sex. Had he ever had sex in North London in a public place. What was his deepest and naughtiest fantasy when it came to hot North London girls? Had he ever been out on a date with a sexy North London escort? What about sex on the beach on holiday?

His monotone, deadpan and uninspiring answers didn’t bode well for any bedroom action later and I began to have second thoughts about my earlier plan to seduce the banker. He had paid scant attention to my appearance even though I knew I was the most attractive, sexy North London girl in the restaurant and that many guys were watching me, surreptitiously without the knowledge of wives and girlfriends. I noticed one guy in particular, an older man, distinguished looking with a splash of grey at each side of his full head of hair and well dressed. He was dining with an elegant, sophisticated looking woman, probably in her early forties. She was wearing expensive designer clothes and I noticed a gold Rolex on her delicate wrist.

It was clear that he was trying to make eye contact with me but I thought it wrong to flirt when I was out on a date with another man and he was with another woman but eventually, after an hour of Damien talking about himself, his salary, his car, his home, his... well ‘his’ was the operative and tedious word, I dropped my guard a little and caught the older guy’s eye and smiled. It was my sweet but sexy smile, the one full of hidden promise, the one I used when I planned to have a man. He responded and nodded towards the wash rooms. Was he really suggesting what I thought he was suggesting?

Despite myself I made my excuses and waltzed off towards the ladies, passing some hot North London girls along the way who looked me up and down in a ‘competition’ sort of way, turning away towards the bar as I approached and only turning outward again once I had passed. I heard one whisper that I must be a North London escort for hire as I looked so confident and oozed sexuality. I must admit I did feel good but also excited at the dangerous, out there behaviour I was exhibiting. There was something about this guy, his charisma, his presence, something but I was ready to give myself physically to him, right now... I was about to write my own Tale of the Taboo and the snooty but sexy North London girls were about to get the surprise of their lives.

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