Welcome to the house of fun - sexy times for the hot North London escorts

Welcome to the house of fun - sexy times for the hot North London escorts.

Welcome to the house of fun - sexy times for the hot North London escorts

I wondered what sexual escapade Tamara would think up next but our fun was interrupted by the fact that we had to earn a living and sort out the usual household chores, like paying bills that meant that life couldn’t be just one long hedonistic dash to the finishing line. Actually, it was also good to spend some time apart as now I knew that I had an almighty crush on the hot North London girl. She was the sexiest, most exciting, ravishing creature I had ever known and our carnal encounters were just about as erotic and uninhibited as they could get.

Tamara worked as a North London escort and her reputation as one of the best escorts in North London was well deserved. There was an earthy eroticism about the girl, a sublime sensuality, a grace and a nubile poise that hinted at delights between the sheets. But I knew that with hot North London girl Tamara the realty matched the promise. She was exquisite naked, her skin soft and firm, her body an orgasmic delight. She was also the most adventurous and unselfconscious lover, totally at one with her physicality. I had never reached such heights of passion and my orgasms had been deeply internal and satisfying, spiritual almost in their mind blowing power.

After three days apart I grew impatient for her touch. I yearned for her, longed to take her in my arms and satisfy my desires. Be greedy and selfish in taking pleasure from her, enjoying her ripe sensuality, her youthful blossom. I called her private phone but got an answer phone message stating, ‘North London Escort Tamara, just leave me your message sweetie...” in her silky, sultry tones...

I left a message suggesting we hook up for champagne and sex, though not necessarily in that order... It was late into the night when she called back and she sounded giddy with excitement.

“I’ve met this fab bunch of guys sweetie, you up for a party? They have a house for sex in North London so you’re only mins away babe...”

I agreed of course, I loved her with a passion and I knew that meant taking her as the whole package, sweet and innocent and dirty and sexually promiscuous Tamara, totally uninhibited and sexually truly free – a state of consciousness I wished to share... I knew that Tamara would have sexy fun in North London in mind. She had said a ‘bunch of guys’ so I figured she had an orgy in mind, at least these two hot North London girls wouldn’t be on the top deck of a bus this time...

I pulled on a sexy outfit, tight jeans and top, leather bomber jacket and black leather boots and skipped downstairs from my first floor apartment to the taxi waiting below. My heart began to beat faster... another tale of the taboo was about to unfold.

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