Two stops to sex in North London for the naughty girls

Two stops to sex in North London for the naughty girls.

Two stops to sex in North London for the naughty girls

Tamara showed not an ounce of embarrassment as she slowly undressed and pleasured me on the upper deck of a topless London tourist bus. I could feel her excitement rising in her short breaths and her lusty wandering fingers, the hot North London girl greedy for my love, her tongue tasting my breasts, my nipples and even my more sensitive and guarded areas. Tamara didn’t seem to care that the middle aged guy sitting two rows in front of us had turned and was nonchalantly enjoying the saucy sex show. Nor that the two sexy North London girls at the front of the bus had also turned to watch us, though at least they pretended that they weren’t...

After five minutes of our passion we were both semi naked and exploring each other with fingers and tongues, occasionally locking lips in intense and passionate kisses. We yearned for release, so exciting had the open air sex session been, the thought and the actuality of being caught in the middle of the sex act had indeed had the aphrodisiac effect that Tamara had said it would. I trembled with a feeling of sexual power, an unchecked and uninhibited passion that could reveal itself with anyone and more to the point, anywhere.

Just then the middle aged, grey haired guy got up and for a moment I thought he was going to get off the bus but instead he simply moved and sat next to us, his hand immediately on North London girl Tamara’s pert bottom, squeezing, stroking and caressing. I was about to tell him where to get off but Tamara moaned in pleasure as he found her wetness and used his fingers expertly to bring her to orgasm.

Caught up in the moment I reached for his flies and lowered his zipper, his manhood springing out like a jack in the box, but firm and demanding of attention. I had met many men, and my work as a cheap North London escort had introduced me to some fantastic, sexy people but I had never known someone with this guy’s confidence and sexual aura. I didn’t know whether it was the moment in general or his charisma specifically but I had never felt so horny, and so needful of a hard manhood.

I straddled him and undulated on his manhood, enjoying the thick girth of his huge member. He buried his face in my breasts, lapping at the nipples and licking my neck. And then his lips found mine and I sensed that this aroused him completely, as his thrusts became deeper and more regular as he sought release...

Two uninhibited, sexy North London girls enjoying a hot and steamy sex session on an open topped bus. You couldn’t make it up but it was incredible and I vowed to enjoy another horny time, another tale of the taboo with the guy sometime real soon...

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