Thoughts of illicit sex entertain the hot North London girls

Thoughts of illicit sex entertain the hot North London girls.

Thoughts of illicit sex entertain the hot North London girls

We had arranged to meet at the Round Midnight Jazz and Blues Bar in Islington, a trendy, hip place that I figured would be ideal for a first date, given it would be busy and there would be good music playing. If mystery guy wasn’t what he purported to be then it would be an easy out for me. If he was as good looking and as interesting as his profile suggested then the bar was a sexy, smoky place where we could flirt with abandon. In fact I had once enjoyed a steamy sex session with one of the waitresses in a washroom here, a very sexy North London girl called Amelia – happy memories!

I arrived a little early to give myself time to settle in and decide on my tactics but I didn’t get the chance to ease myself into my surroundings as I was immediately approached by a booted and suited middle aged guy who offered to buy me a drink. When I was out with my friends, sexy North London escorts with fabulous, sexy personalities then men could be a little reserved or even intimidated and it took a lot to get them to approach me. But on my own, a hot North London girl clad in the tiniest of skirts and with long and toned, lithe legs then men seemed to fall over themselves to get their hooks into me.

To be fair, the guy looked hot and I could tell that his suit was expensive. He was also charming and within a few moments had me warming to him. He asked for my number and I gave it, just as my date turned up. I could tell that mystery guy wasn’t overly impressed, especially as he could see that his adversary had already struck gold but his frown soon turned to a smile when he saw how I looked. My suitor withdrew, though I noticed he had put my number into his pocket and I expected a call later. Could be fun!

My date introduced himself as Ray and kissed me on my right cheek, before looking me up and down making no attempt to conceal the fact that he was mentally undressing me. He obviously liked what he saw because I detected a distinctive twitch in his trousers that meant only one thing and he even blurted straight out that I was a hell of a sexy North London girl. I reciprocated, looking at him long and hard, eager to show that this hot North London girl was a confident sexual being and found myself in a similar situation, but without the manhood! He was a really dishy guy, all pecs and biceps as he wriggled within a cool Hugo Boss suit that was ever so slightly too small for him.

He had piercing eyes and short, dark hair. He was about six foot two and towered over me, even in my five inch heels. I thought he must be a bouncer or a rugby player or a wrestler even, he was so huge. I giggled to myself as I imagined he would probably have the tiniest of tackle though I hoped otherwise, I was eager to write another tale of the taboo about illicit sex in North London!

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