The latest big thing....

I guess if you are a supermodel then you feel that you can wear anything you like and it will still look good. But the pictures of latest big thing Cara Delevigne as she walked through the streets of New York are far from flattering in my opinion. As an escort I am totally focussed on making sure that I’m always looking the part. I dress well, I buy sexy lingerie, I look after my body and mind. I’m not saying that I am a fashion expert but I follow the latest trends and I dress in a way that makes the most of my toned and supple body. Being naturally slim and busty helps but I don’t take anything for granted. Black top with fishnet across the cleavage teamed with yellow short skirt and a tartan jacket, not to mention grey straw hat is not a combo that I will be considering anytime soon! It’s funny how these catwalk models get to wear the totes amazing creations of the very best designers the world has to offer and then they go and wear stuff that would be out of place in a backwoods town!

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