The hot North London escorts put on a show

The hot North London escorts put on a show.

The hot North London escorts put on a show

Tamara’s long and lithe legs were entwined with mine; her hands clasped either side of my face as the ultra hot North London girl explored my mouth and face with her wet and lusty tongue. She kissed me on my eyes, slow burning, warm, erotic and sensual kisses that drove me wild with desire. The girl really was an uninhibited, bohemian free spirit and her enjoyment of sex in North London was absolute and without restraint.

Our ‘victim’ had begun walking towards us and I could see a swelling in his pants, indicative of his horny aroused state of mind and a readiness for hot loving that would soon be met by two hot North London girls who would give him exactly what he desired and more.

Tamara upped the heat stakes by lifting my skirt and running her fingertips under the elastic of my sheer silk panties, pulling at them and hinting at her intentions. I reciprocated, plunging a hand down the front of her dress and enjoying the soft plumpness of her curvy frame and pert, artificial breasts. She felt good and I was wet and willing for more girl on girl action but our man had arrived and he was quickly brought into the proceedings, as we pulled him into the throng and sandwiched him between our hot and needy bodies, each of us vying to be the one who would enjoy his good sized manhood first...

Inevitably it was the lusty hot North London girl Tamara, the North London escort for hire by day and teasing temptress by night, an unrivalled nubile beauty who gave off many signals with her incredible, tight torso, all of them sexual. She straddled the hunky guy and was tearing at his belt and zipper, desperate to feel a man inside of her and fully focussed on that and that alone. As she eventually unleashed his manhood she straddled him and rocked to and fro, pushing her large breasts into his welcoming face and enjoying my attentions as we kissed passionately, his fingers exploring and pleasuring me all the while.

Having enjoyed Tamara and given her an intense internal orgasm the mystery man turned his attentions to me and it was Tamara’s turn to play sexual second fiddle as he bent me over a large cushioned foot rest and took me roughly, his desire intensifying as he neared ejaculation.

It was a sex fest and no other words could describe it. An orgy of desire and passion with three lusty individuals, unfettered by the social setting and the fact that they had attracted one or two onlookers, who pretended of course that they were not observing the horny action but who could not get enough of the North London girls performing before them, fully enjoying the raunchy tale of the taboo being written by three greedy and needy, insatiable lovers.

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