Super sexy North London girls and the city charmers

Super sexy North London girls and the city charmers.

Super sexy North London girls and the city charmers

The two hunks duly followed me straight out of the club and got into the cab that I had waiting for me. Meanwhile Damien sat open mouthed as he watched me seduce the guys without breaking sweat as I dumped him, leaving him to finish his lobster thermidor and foie gras de l’orange alone. I felt supremely sexy and confident, a hot North London girl fully in control of her life and with a healthy and uninhibited enjoyment of sex. And what sexual promise had the two muscled males in store for me I thought?

I discovered that the guys were called Nigel and Roger and they both worked as lawyers for a major insurance company in the city. They had been working late and had only dropped into the restaurant on the off chance that they could get a late table, perhaps a cancellation or maybe join some friends that they thought were dining there that evening. They hadn’t gone there looking for sexy North London girls or so they said and the idea that they would be picked up by a hot North London girl like me had not crossed their mind. Nigel even asked if I worked for a cheap North London escorts agency, so surprised was he by my confident and sexy approach.

Roger insisted that we go to his place, he had champagne on ice and his penthouse apartment at Canary Wharf had fabulous views across the city. I grew all the more excited when I noticed the guys surreptitiously look at each other and whisper ‘phwoar’. I knew I looked good and the guys gain was most certainly Damien’s loss. I crossed my legs to reveal more flesh, putting on a sexy show for the lusty twosome. I didn’t know for certain where the night would lead but I had an inkling... LOL.

When the can arrived at the luxury apartment building I knew that the evening would be something special. It oozed class and sophistication and when the elevator took us to the top floor and we entered the apartment proper I knew I had made the right decision. Standing on the balcony, a glass of chilled champagne in hand I felt like an exotic North London escort, a glamorous beauty being wooed by two charming and toned guys. As they competed to amuse me, their jokes and mickey taking had me in stitches, I enjoyed the view, the lights of the metropolis sparkling in the night like stars across a moonless sky. As each guy wrapped his arms around me and whispered sweet nothings in my ears I let myself go, abandoning any control, allowing my senses and desire for pleasure to lead me...

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