She is ready for her close up....

The actress Sophia Loren has turned eighty. Those men of a certain age reading this will immediately picture the beauty, probably in a low cut top making the most of her generous assets, in one of her many films such as The Sign of Venus, The Pride and the Passion and El Cid. For her work in ‘Two Women’ she received an Oscar no less. And she had quite a following among men who like a girl to be ‘all woman’: i.e. voluptuous, pouting and provocative. She always brought a fiery passion to her roles with an undertone of wild sensuality and sinfulness. In her prime she would have made the perfect escort! The girls at North London Escorts and West London Escorts can rival Sophia when it comes to sexual allure. The busty escorts can match her up top! The beautiful English and European escorts share her exotic and intriguing mystery. But more to the point the ravishingly hot escorts at North London Escorts and Essex Escorts are ready and waiting for you to call. These are not unattainable screen goddesses; these are flesh and blood girls with an appetite for fun and a sense of adventure. Create your own drama in the comfort of your own home or hotel room. I guarantee your escort will give a faultless performance worthy of an escort Oscar! Though there will be plenty of time for a second or third take should the need arise! Lights, escort, and action we say because your girl is ready for her close up!

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