Sexy table dancing of the hot North London escorts

Sexy table dancing of the hot North London escorts.

Sexy table dancing of the hot North London escorts

We danced, naked on a large squat wooden table at the sex in North London house, as Tamara had so teasingly called it. The sexy North London girl wiggled her assets for all they were worth and I bumped and ground my hips, emulating a sexy pole dancer with my sensual, erotic and arousing moves, weaving a tale of the taboo. We occasionally caressed and locked tongues. We kissed each other all over our willing and nubile bodies. We embraced and made love with abandon, two hot North London girls on a wooden table in the centre of a high ceilinged room in an old house in Brent Cross. Without a single voyeur. Not one.

I had gone into the house assuming that Tamara and I would be starring in a raging orgy, a sex fest of desire, passion and satisfaction, hot sex in North London but instead it had been a party held by a bunch of guy guys, celebrating a birthday and using a squat for a venue. Tamara had hooked up with them and had her eyes on a couple of the hunky dudes before she had realised her school girl error. At least once I arrived she could enjoy some sexy fun though our all night booze and bondage bender had outlived the guy’s stamina, as they were all tucked up in a sleeping bag or two somewhere.

Tamara had finished off at least a bottle of wine on her own and I wasn’t far behind her. In our intoxicated and sexually aroused state we were insatiable and hadn’t even realised that the party had fizzled and died. But now we had, the energy of the place seemed to dry up and our libido decided to take a break. We sloped off, gathering our things and walked the two hundred yards to a tube station, catching the early morning train saving us a few quid in taxi fares. My place was closest so we went there and we showered before climbing into bed next to one another. We caressed, and I placed a myriad of soft kisses on sexy North London girl Tamara’s face, lingering soft kisses littering her cheeks like a field of red flowers in bloom.

As we lay curled up together, my warm breath on the pale, soft skin of Tamara’s, our bodies close the temperature rose. But also internally as the passion we had not sated rose again and demanded satisfaction and orgasmic release. Our lips locked, my face turned over my shoulder and Tamara’s soft fingers reaching for my pleasure point. She massaged me gently at first, licking her fingers as she went, before increasing the speed and intensity of her strokes bringing me to a state of blessed relief and immense physical pleasure. It was then Tamara’s turn to come and as she did so I couldn’t help feeling that this was an elegiac moment and that I would soon part from my sweet, sexy North London girl, the best escort in North London, Tamara.

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