Sexy North London escorts like to 'jumparound'!

Sexy North London escorts like to 'jumparound'!.

Sexy North London escorts like to 'jumparound'!

The Loft Bar in Clapham was heaving. It was a Thursday evening and a party night but even so, I hadn’t expected it to be so busy. I stood, crushed against a back wall, a ‘sex in North London’ cocktail in my right hand and a hand wandering across my ass. I turned to reprimand whoever was copping a cheap feel but it was impossible to know just who the moron was. My eyes returned to their task of scanning the room trying to pick out Sophie from the massed throng. It was hard to concentrate as loud music throbbed and all the sexy North London girls around me seemed intent on doing some form of pogo dance, jumping up and down to ‘Jumparound’ an old classic from House of Pain, a song I recognised from the old Caffrey’s commercial. And then I saw her.

I was completely taken aback by the North London girl. Sophie was a thing of beauty, a sexual goddess amongst mere mortals. She looked like an elegant, hot North London escort. She seemed to have an aura around her as her long, straight blonde hair swing about her face as her head bobbed in and out of the crowd as she made her way towards me. Her plain white dress added to the air of an angel and the neon lighting served to make the fabric seem other worldly somehow. The short hem of her dress ensured that her long and slim legs were fully on display though the dress was hoop necked and showed little of her small bosom, though I was sure she would have firm and pert breasts. She walked with the sensual moves of a big cat and she had a confidence and a poise that made you sit up and take notice. I thought to myself that the sexy North London girl must be a model, her beauty needed to be shared with the world. Other hot North London girls stared at her as she passed. She was truly a vision.

Sophie eventually made it through the crowd and she nestled in close to me. After a few minutes trying to communicate by shouting into the air above our heads we decided we needed to decamp and find somewhere quieter to talk. Just around the corner was the Royal Oak, a traditional but cool pub on Clapham High Street. It would be perfect for us to get to know each other and discuss the proposed threesome...

We walked out of the Loft Bar and immediately we were wolf whistled and guys made comments, some lewd, others appreciative of our beauty, all with sex in North London on their mind. It felt good to be with such a stunning beauty as Sophie and I had to remind myself that I wasn’t so bad either! But I desired Sophie more than any woman I had ever met and I longed to explore a tale of the taboo with the sexy sweetheart...

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