Sex on the buses with the hot North London girls

Sex on the buses with the hot North London girls.

Sex on the buses with the hot North London girls

Tamara was good to her word. The very next day she had us walking through the town centre looking for great places to have public sex in North London, the riskier the location, the more chance of being seen the better as far as the hot North London girl was concerned. I wondered what had been missing from her privileged upbringing that made her so self destructive yet so much fun. She was a bohemian, free spirited sexual animal and she longed for physical, carnal pleasure. She had intoxicated me with her presence from the moment we met and I knew that I would do anything for the petite, nubile beauty.

Tamara worked by day as a North London escort and I wouldn’t have been surprised if she was one of the best escorts in North London, so seductive, delicious and delightful was she. There was an aura about her that was tangible, one just felt overpowered by the sexual chemistry, the alluring signals that she gave off. I wanted her bad and so I was up for anything, any fun that she could devise.

Then Tamara stopped suddenly in the footpath and I almost walked into the back of her. She was pointing at something and I followed the direction that her finger was indicating.

“You are bloody joking...” was all I could say as I realised that Tamara was suggesting that we make love on the top deck of an open topped tourist bus...

We purchased two tickets and secured the back row of the bus, laying out our coats and bags to discourage any other passengers from sitting alongside us. Thankfully it was overcast and outside of the tourist season and the London tourist buses were mostly empty. On ours there were a couple of hot North London girls sitting near the front and a handful of people downstairs. The bus was due to leave any time now and I figured it wouldn’t be too bad as it stood but then a middle aged guy climbed on and though I prayed he would stay downstairs he came up the winding staircase and he sat only two rows ahead of us. Tamara just giggled, as though she could read my mind and was enjoying my anxieties...

The bus set off and soon we were being regaled with stories over the bus’s public address system of the bloody tower, Guy Fawkes, the miracle of St Paul’s and the blitz, the National Portrait Gallery and more. Meanwhile Tamara was already undressing me and her mouth had got to work licking at my neck and nipples and threatening to delve much further down and deeper... I shifted uncomfortably in my seat and more so as the middle aged man turned and glanced at us and obviously enjoyed what he saw... two hot North London girls enjoying sex in North London and writing another chapter in their tales of the taboo...

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