Sex in North London attracts an audience

Sex in North London attracts an audience.

Sex in North London attracts an audience

I had been surprised at how lusty and skilled the guy would be. He was a hunk, very muscled and toned and he had a carefree, confident manner. He didn’t seem fazed by much at all and it hadn’t taken him long to take control of the situation and orchestrate the sex fest. When we, two hot North London girls, had given him the come on I thought he would find us too forward, as lots of guys don’t like the girl to make the first move – especially when it’s so full of sexual possibilities and overtures. But he wasn’t worried at all and having found himself sandwiched between our lithe and nubile frames he simply lapped it up, enjoying the feel of our breasts and hips, bottoms and legs.

He took each of us in turn, though it was Tamara who enjoyed him first, straddled across him, his jeans around his ankles and her tits in his mouth. He had taken me from behind and it had been fabulous lovemaking – he was a huge guy in every respect – and I had come freely and without any consciousness of the outside world.

As it happened quite a throng had gathered to enjoy the performance of the two sexy North London girls and the bronzed hunk. A group of guys stood nearby, filming and getting all hot and bothered as they saw their friend getting the full sexual attention of two gorgeous cuties. Once I realised that we had an audience I whispered to Tamara that we needed to give our excuses and leave, it wouldn’t do if any of the footage showed up on the internet.

“Sex in North London exclusive – two hot and horny North London girls and their raunchy public sex romp” joked Tamara, though I wondered if she had a moment of self doubt when she uttered the joke newspaper headline, perhaps thinking about her daddy and the sizeable trust fund that allowed her to live her ‘independent’ free spirited life.

We scooped up our clothes, though one pair of panties were nowhere to be seen, and headed for the exit, cheers ringing out around us as the lusty onlookers made their appreciation of our erotic performance plain. “At least some people still enjoy tales of the taboo” I joked but this served only to encourage Tamara.

“Yes, you’re right – we should embark on a voyage of sexual discovery, breaking taboos, enjoying public sex in North London, getting a thrill from the thought that we may be seen...”

I was about to say no chance but then I thought about it for a moment. It was so carnal, so earthy, so naughty and erotic that I suddenly realised it was just what I needed. I had been searching for a soul mate: I had found my North London girl, a North London escort beauty no less, and my sex mate.

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