7 Common Misconceptions About Escorts

7 Common Misconceptions About Escorts.

7 Common Misconceptions About Escorts

7 Common Misconceptions About Escorts

Have you ever considered hiring an escort? Things may not be exactly how you think they will be. Read on and find out what your experience will be like.

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Are you looking to hire an escort this weekend? Is it your first time to hire one? Chances are, you tried going through Reddit sex discussions first to know what you?re getting into.

The danger of these forums is reading various misconceptions about escorts. Sometimes, you can no longer tell which is true and which is not.

The misconceptions cover not only the escorts but also the men who hire them.

So if you are keen on hiring escorts, continue reading below. Prepare to get a better understanding of the escort service industry.

Going Beyond Reddit Sex Forums: Misconceptions About Escorts

If you?re trying out an escort service for the very first time, you need to understand the facts surrounding it. What is an escort? What do they really do?

Here are seven common misconceptions that will tell you what escorts are not.

1. All of Them Are Prostitutes

This is perhaps the most common misconception you will ever hear about escorts. People tend to generalize escorts. They quickly judge all of them as prostitutes, which is very far from the truth.

Sure, most of them may offer sex. But just as their job description implies, they are primarily there to escort men.

They accompany their clients to different social events. They provide companionship.

The common prostitute only provides sex in exchange for money. Escorts, on the other hand, bring more value to the table.

2. Their Clients are Mostly the Unwanted

People also think that escorts only cater to men who are scraps of society. These are the drunkards, the sadistic, the ugly, and the unstable men of society.

These are men who cannot find sex through traditional ways.

In reality, the majority of the clients of escorts have wives. These men are already in the 40s and 50s and some even have children.

The misconception stems from the people?s mindset. They cannot live with the idea that married men do hire escorts. Thus, they tend to believe that escorts are only for society?s rejects.

3. They Come From Problematic Backgrounds

There are people who say all escorts come from problematic backgrounds. It can be a broken family or having parents who battered them during their childhood.

Some people even say that escorts tend to suffer from mental health problems. But studies show that there is no solid correlation between the two.

Today?s escort industry is very different from what it was decades ago. Today?s escorts know a lot. They come with a sense of sophistication.

You can no longer call them ?classless? women. In fact, men are quite proud of taking them as companions. They bring them during upscale social gatherings and functions.

These women know how to behave and act properly in public. They will not put you in a position for mockery and judgment.

You can find these women from reputable escort sites, regardless of your location within North London.

4. They are Into Drugs or Alcohol

Another common misconception is that they are either alcoholics or drug users. Though there is a correlation between escorts and substances, the former does not reach a point where they lose sobriety while they?re on the job.

Reputable escort websites offer women who are clean and sober. In case they go on drinking, they do so because of their flexible work schedule.

They do not drown themselves in alcohol and drugs just to get numb because of their profession.

5. They Carry Different Kinds of Diseases

People also stereotype escorts as unhygienic. They tend to label them as disease-carriers.

But the fact of the matter is whenever escorts engage in sex, they will likely be using condoms. Escorts of today are stricter than before. They are aware of the possible outcome if they do not use protection.

Escorts of today are not dumb. They know that sexually transmitted diseases can ruin their lives. They know that they can also get pregnant if they don?t wear condoms.

6. They Will Do All Kinds of Crazy Stuff in Bed

Now, this is another amusing misconception on escorts. Some people think that an escort will do practically everything their clients want in bed. They view escorts as women who perform kinky stuff that is extreme in some cases.

The truth is, most escorts stick to the standard sexual acts. This is because the majority of their clients look for a ?girlfriend experience.? These men long for someone they can have good conversations with.

They want women they can simply kiss and cuddle. Come to think of it, these men want a younger version of their wives.

Don?t get us wrong though. There are escorts who are open to all of that kinky stuff. But it is wrong to generalize all escorts to be like that.

7. They Don?t Have Normal Lives Outside Escorting

Lastly, some people think that escorts do not live normal lives outside of their profession. What these people don?t understand is that having a life outside of their job is what keeps escorts sane.

These women pursue other stuff when they are not working. Some escorts still go to school. Some of them have a day job.

Like the rest of us, escorts also have their passions and creative pursuits. Believe it or not, escorts know how to separate their personal lives from their profession.

They are your ?girlfriends? at night. But during the day, they are students, daughters, and office workers.

So there you have seven of the most common misconceptions about escorts. If you are planning to search through escort sites, know that the woman you will connect with is more than just a sex object.

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