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In the Odyssey, Homer’s follow up to the Iliad, the Greek Hero Odysseus is sailing home only to have his plans disrupted by some stunningly beautiful and alluring women swimming in the sea. These women were known as the sirens and it is said that their physical charms were unmatched and that they sung so sweetly that no man could resist them. Temptation can take many forms but when it is in the guise of a scantily clad beauty with a naughty twinkle in her eye then it is at its most powerful.

And so it was that Odysseus’s ship ran aground and he and his men faced a life or death situation involving a Cyclops and some sheep! Thankfully at North London Escorts the sirens are not so vindictive and spiteful! The busty escorts at North London Escorts and at Essex Escorts have all of the physical attributes of the mythical sirens but none of the malice. They will surely enchant you and you will bask in the warmth of their companionship. A soothing and sensual intimate massage or two will relax and satisfy. And when the girlfriend experience is at an end you will not have to face up to any challenge other than when you can next share an hour or two in the company of your hot and stunning escort babe! Enjoy an adventure with a North London escort tonight – simply call the number at the top of the screen and your siren will be singing to your tune.

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