Public strip tease for the saucy North London girl

Public strip tease for the saucy North London girl.

Public strip tease for the saucy North London girl

I was sitting opposite Ray in a small intimate restaurant, Charlotte’s Bistro in Chiswick, enjoying a glass of the house white and trying to look calm and casual despite the unusual request my date had made. He had asked me whether I was wearing sexy underwear and I had replied I was. He then had asked me to show him. I had managed to undo a few blouse buttons without attracting any unwanted attention and had revealed the trim of my red lace bra. But that wasn’t good enough for Ray.

“What about your panties?” he asked me. I couldn’t conceal my blush as the red blood vessels expanded in my cheeks at his suggestion that I show him my underwear. It was a first date! But actually it was quite a sexy exchange and I felt myself getting excited, all hot and bothered under the collar and with a warm tingling in my stomach. If there had been a bed I think I would have dragged Ray on to it right there and then.

I tried to hitch my skirt without anyone noticing but it was impossible – I noted at least two men who were watching the hot North London girl whilst trying not to give the game away to their partners. It was also impossible to hitch my skirt much beyond my upper thigh and so there was no way that I could show my panties. I shrugged but he just raised his eyebrows and puckered his lips as if to say “Ooh, is that too scary for the little girl...” For a sensual, erotic, sassy North London escort it was a patronising, annoying gesture but it made me angry and determined enough to show that I wasn’t afraid of anything, not least my sexuality and sex appeal. I had worked as a cheap North London escort for some time and nothing much fazed me.

Undoing the button at the side of my skirt I made enough room to push the tops of my panties down over my hips. Then, reaching up and under my skirt and underskirt I caught hold of the elastic of my panties and I slipped them down, ever so slowly. Finally I manoeuvred my silk panties over my high heels. With the panties in my left hand I curled it into a fist and presented Ray with the pair of discarded knickers. His face was a picture! That would be the last time he doubted the eroticism of a North London escort I wagered.

The guys who had been watching drooled, lamenting their misfortune not to be taking this hot North London girl home with them. One of the guys was staring, his mouth open and his eyes bulging as he enjoyed the tale of the taboo unfolding before him – as well as something else I bet as he mentally undressed this naughty North London girl...

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