Online sex in North London for the lusty lass

Online sex in North London for the lusty lass.

Online sex in North London for the lusty lass

But what to do to find the perfect man? Working as a cheap North London escort I would certainly meet guys but it would be a lottery whether I met the right guy for me and so I discounted that option. I might work for a North London escort agency in the future but for now I would stick to the job I had been in since leaving university two years ago. At twenty three I had done well, there weren’t that many female quantity surveyors around but I had made my mark and had already been promoted. I loved the job and its mix of on-site and office based work. But the work didn’t bring me into contact with that many single guys and I also had to overcome a lot of institutionalised sexism. Even the single guys on site that I knew were not like that really would behave in a certain way to impress their mates or to fit in and so I didn’t respect them enough to want to sleep with them.

So, if I were to stay in my line of work I had to find a different way to meet a man. I was drawing a great big fat blank in the bars along the Mornington Crescent area of Camden, even in the fabulous Purple Turtle pub. I had been introduced to a few guys by friends but they weren’t my type and I could almost smell ‘desperate’ on them. I need a socially confident man, one who will take hold of me and be in charge, one that will talk and listen, make me laugh and give me the best orgasms ever! Not asking a lot am I? LOL.

Then I thought about online dating. A friend of mine, Tabatha, had met a guy on the internet and they had been together for six months before she cheated on him with a television repair man. You may laugh but six months is quite some time for Tabatha. Now she is a girl who should have sought work as an escort, she was great with men, a real hot chick but she could never sustain her interest in a fella for more than a few weeks. Talk about the honeymoon period, with Tabatha you were lucky if a relationship got to the airport! Their break up had given us all a few giggles though. Tabatha was having secret sex sessions with a girl friend of hers, Rosaline, or Rosa as we called her. Rosa used to work as a North London escort and had met Tabatha through Hayley, another North London escort. Well, Tabatha and Rosa went back to her place and were in full swing in the living room of her penthouse flat, sex from the chandeliers, toys, and all that stuff when the guy walks in. He had only been sleeping of a hangover from the night before in the bedroom. Apparently Tabatha had left him there and forgotten about him! We all think she did it on purpose – it was getting too serious for the flighty Tabatha was our theory.

Tales of the Taboo... from North London escorts.

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