One hot North London girl is never enough...

One hot North London girl is never enough....

I was being undressed, slowly, methodically, expertly... the two guys lingering over each garment and planting soft and sensuous kisses across my neck and torso. I bristled with excitement and could feel my arousal physically as I became wet and horny, my nipples erect and my back arched as I felt their greedy fingers taking pleasure from my nubile body. I reached out with each hand and took hold of their erect manhoods, massaging and teasing them to full stiffness. I could feel the passion and intensity of the moment rising and I didn’t care that we were standing outside on the balcony of the Canary Wharf penthouse apartment, I felt like a sexy North London girl and I didn’t care about any repercussions... If there was a voyeur out there, sitting in the dark and enjoying the view then good for them I thought. In fact the idea only served to inspire me to greater heights of debauchery.

I could feel a strong hand on my shoulder, pushing me down and I found myself naked and on my knees at the feet of the two men, their huge members standing tall and proud before me, demanding my mouth take them to new heights of ecstasy. I pleasured one with my lusty tongue, using my soft fingers to stroke and massage the other, then reversing the roles so that both men enjoyed the feel of my wet mouth against their skin. Firm hands held my hair tightly and guided my head as the strokes became ever deeper and forceful. I could feel that both of the guys were near to orgasm and I enjoyed the rising passion, revelling in my sexuality, a hot North London girl, proficient in the art of pleasure and satisfaction.

As each guy came I thought of the night of passion ahead as I was then led into a huge bedroom with an emperor sized bed. One of the men threw me down onto the bed and then mounted me, his strokes long and hard as he repeatedly penetrated me. I could hear his partner in passion on the phone, talking to a girlfriend. I could hear him telling her not to work as a cheap North London escort that night but to join us for a party and to bring some supplies, which I assumed to be drink or perhaps something else. I was in paroxysms of pleasure, writhing beneath the big man and I was impressed by his stamina and performance. He flipped me over and took me again, this time pushing my legs together so that his legs straddled mine whilst his large love organ pumped me repeatedly and to good effect. His friend had finished calling Erika, his North London escort girl friend and had rejoined us in the bedroom, desperate for some sexy action with the uninhibited, hot and horny North London girl himself. I couldn’t wait to enjoy him carnally, his penis was huge and throbbing and I trembled at the thought of him entering me... We were in our very own tale of the taboo and I was eager to write the next chapter.

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