North London Girls keep on rocking through the night

North London Girls keep on rocking through the night.

North London Girls keep on rocking through the night

I was inundated with messages from men, all seeking a hot North London girl for a spot of fun. Whilst I can’t deny I was looking for sex myself I was a trifle disappointed that all of these men thought fit to dispense with any attempt at romance, at fore play before the hot sex... many of the messages were arbitrary in the extreme: “Hey babe u fancy sex in North London this Tuesday?”, and “U r one hot North London girl, I am a hot North London guy, why piss about, let’s get it on!”

It was hardly ‘Gone with the Wind’ but then I suppose I was no Scarlet O’Hara either so I should just be thankful that I was attracting so much interest. Of course the photograph I had chosen to go with my online dating profile may have had something to do with the replies I was getting – it depicted me in a skimpy swimsuit, my perfect bottom hanging out, posing against a backdrop of the Spanish surf, my hair billowing in the breeze and masses of bronzed flesh exposed for all the world to see. The fact that I had also added ‘fun loving and sexy North London stunner’ to my profile description did also suggest that it was physical rather than emotional stimulation that I was seeking!

I narrowed down the responses to three guys that sparked an interest in me. There was Glen, a fifty two year old (though I suspected that he was rather older – I had taken off two years to pretend I was twenty one, what would a fifty something take off?) businessman from Primrose Hill. I asked some of my friends at Primrose Hill Escorts if the guy had ever used any of their services and they hadn’t heard of him which was a shame because I was hoping to have a handle on a guy’s personality so that it didn’t feel so much of a ‘blind date’. The second guy was Roger, ex Army officer, veteran of the Falklands, again a fifty something and finally there was Damien, ex public school boy, worked in the city, drove a Porsche – Boxster not a 911 I was disappointed to read – and holidayed in Tobago where his folks lived, on a regular basis. All three sounded fun.

My first date was with Glen. We agreed to meet up at the Old Cock Tavern in Fleet Street because he was a lover of real ale and the pub served a massive selection of traditional beers as well as a bar menu. I put on a sexy short skirt and three layers up top, no bra but a body, a thin vest and a fitted shirt, my bosom on show along with my finest asset, my pins. The only downside is that looking such a hot North London girl I might intimidate the guy, but I should have held no fears on that account! Glen was all man!

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