North London girl on girl action in the back of a cab

North London girl on girl action in the back of a cab.

North London girl on girl action in the back of a cab

We had been flirting for over an hour and the warming effects of the alcohol had begun to soften my mood and make me so much more receptive to Sophie’s charms. As two sexy North London girls we were besieged by horny guys trying to chat us up but we only had eyes for each other. I was no longer concerned that I was yet to meet the third party in our proposed ménage a trois, Sophie’s partner Marcus as I figured he had to be a good looker to have bagged a girl like Sophie and the picture I had seen on the internet must have been genuine – after all if it wasn’t a true likeness of the lusty laddy then I would simply be off home at the earliest opportunity.

I wanted to get away from the bright lights of the pub and so it seemed to me that I needed to put up or shut up and so I leaned over to Sophie and whispered suggestively in her ear that we should be on our way – to her place. She smiled and kissed me softly on the lips, drawing stares and wolf whistles from a group of guys propping up the bar. The eyes followed the hot North London girls as we exited, our wiggles exaggerated for effect and to give us a laugh.

We hailed a cab and sat close to each other in the back. There was a stirring, a heat between us and we could barely keep our hands off each other, though it was our tongue tennis that seemed to attract the driver’s attention the most and so we played up to our audience outrageously. I kissed Sophie’s open and wet, welcoming mouth, nibbled and blew into her ears, licked at her neck and began to undo the buttons on her tight blouse, revealing just a hint of milky white flesh. The cab driver could barely turn his eyes away from us to concentrate on the road and as he shifted and fidgeted in his seat I figured that his tight pants weren’t so comfortable when having to accommodate a huge erection.

I was playful and so I suggested to the taxi driver that if he wanted to enjoy a real sex fest then he should park somewhere quiet where he could just relax and enjoy the show. Within minutes we were under an embankment and the driver shuffled round in his seat and salivated as he watched the sensual and hot North London girl on girl action. I had worked as a cheap North London escort and I enjoyed making a man happy – this cab driver’s cup was about to runneth over...

As it happens Sophie had also worked for North London escorts and she whispered in my ear that she remembered me from a North London escorts xmas party a couple of years back. To be honest I didn’t remember her and I chastised myself for having missed out on such sexy fun in the past. But I was ready to make up for it right now with a tasty tale of the taboo...

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