No fool to fall for a ravishing North London escort

No fool to fall for a ravishing North London escort.

No fool to fall for a ravishing North London escort

I had met with Sophie and she was a real beauty queen. More to the point she was also a sensual, sexually attractive, hot North London girl that I just couldn’t wait to get into my bed. We were enjoying our drinks – cold lager beers from Belgium called Brugse Zot, or ‘Bruges Fool’ – and chatting about anything other than sex. It was as if we didn’t want to acknowledge that we had met up to arrange a threesome involving the two of us sexy North London girls and Sophie’s husband, the dishy Marcus.

I was concerned that I hadn’t met Marcus, he was working late and was set to join us later if all went well between me and sexy North London girl Sophie, as I still couldn’t know for sure if he really did look like the guy in the pictures I had been sent. On the other hand with such a gorgeous woman as Sophie for a partner he couldn’t be a minger now could he?

Despite no allusions to sex or sexuality during our conversation, Sophie was still very flirtatious. She could flutter her eyes with the best of them and I wondered if she had worked as a cheap North London escort, so expert was she in holding my attention and well, just making me feel good. There had been little physical contact since the kiss on the cheek when we first met in the Loft Bar and here in the humble, well lit and only moderately busy Royal Oak our actions seemed to be more public. In the craziness of the Loft Bar you could have enjoyed girl on girl action in the centre of the floor and nobody would have paid you any attention. Here I was conscious of the volume of my voice and my body language. We were two very hot North London girls, scantily clad and dressed like we were on the pull and all male eyes, and some female, were upon us, probably thinking of writing a tale of the taboo across our naked and nubile bodies.

We brushed off a couple of guys who tried to do the whole ‘wingman’ stuff and who were so full of obvious chat up lines and ‘dating strategies’ that I guessed they had read one of those books about how to get a girl into bed. I had read in a newspaper article that one approach involves saying something that puts a girl down and then she finds herself trying to win your favour. It may work in books but in real life when someone says you have so much lipstick on it works against the benefit of the collagen injections it just irritates. Especially when you know your lip stick is perfect and that your perfect pout is entirely natural...

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