Mile high sex for the hot North London girl

Mile high sex for the hot North London girl.

Mile high sex for the hot North London girl

The jazz music was super hip and soothing, the staccato refrains from the syncopated instruments filling the club with layers of sound. It felt as if you could almost bathe in the music, so sensual and intimate was it. For a hot North London girl, more used to gyrating her sexy hips to a hip hop tune in a steamy nightclub it was a revelation. I never realised just how really sexy music can be, not just the veneer of sexiness that encapsulated the in your face lyrics and music of hip hop.

My date was quiet but not shy, just confident in himself and his surroundings. I didn’t understand why he had used a dating site but then he probably thought the same thing about the sexy North London girl sitting opposite him. Working as a cheap North London escort I had met many men and I had thought that I could read most of them but Ray was different. There was something unsettling about him but I couldn’t put my finger on it...

We flirted and enjoyed cocktails and talked about our likes and dislikes, favourite songs and movies, holidays and heartbreak but inevitably the conversation turned to sex: past partners, sexual experiences, favourite positions, top ten fantasies and the like.  Tales of the taboo guaranteed to turn you on. Ray’s top fantasies were very hot and I must admit I felt like saying to him then and there that we should begin work on a sexual bucket list and have those experiences we dream about. After all you only live once so why go to the abyss with regrets?

For a hot North London girl and one of the best escorts in North London to boot even I was taken aback by some of the sexual stuff that was on Ray’s radar. Number five in his list of fantasies was to make love to a female pilot as she flew a plane. She had to be dressed in a sexy outfit, black pencil skirt with de rigueur stockings and suspenders, high black heels and a sexy white open necked blouse revealing plenty of décolletage.

Ray was a passenger that she takes a shine to and invites into the cabin. He sits in the co-pilot seat as she locks the door and then approaches him, loosening the few buttons of her blouse and slipping it off her shoulders, revealing a saucy satin platform bra that shows off her breasts in all their glory...

Then she hitches her skirt and straddles him. She’s not wearing any panties and Ray runs his fingers across the top of her stockings whilst burrowing his face into her ample cleavage. She’s gyrating now, the sexy North London girl massaging his manhood as she rides him with abandon. She unclasps his belt, undoes a button on his trousers and lowers the zip, pulling out his huge and stiff manhood...

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