Lady Constance - the Final Chapter!

Lady Constance - the Final Chapter!.

Lady Constance - the Final Chapter!

The words hung in the air, a series of bombshells waiting to go off. Richard looked from one woman to the next and realised that he was the intended victim this very evening. He had planned to dispatch Constance from this earth and all along he was the one in mortal peril.

The three women reached into the many folds of their dresses and pulled out shining stiletto blades which glimmered in the moonlight. Richard stood stock still, knowing he did not have the energy or ability to move, at least not at any pace, his legs were spent. He tried entreaties but he could see the murderous hate in their eyes as they approached him.

Each of the girls raised their daggers above their heads ready to strike. Just then the door of the summer house burst open and Kellers stood there, the blood running down his face a dark black in the light of the moon. “Stop” he cried as the women all began their furious unleashing of anger on the helpless Richard, the blows raining down on his thick and fast, his hands unable to prevent the razor sharp blades from carrying out their infamous work.

And then silence prevailed and it was all over. Richard lay slumped on the floor. Kellers held his head in his hands. He had seen so much carnage on the battlefield and yet nothing had prepared him for the events of this night.

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The four of them sat in the drawing room at the manor house discussing their plans. It was evident that Constance and Mary were in love, their erotic liaisons had become so much more. With Richard’s body and those of the two henchmen disposed of in the old well there was the simple matter of buying off the third with a well paid job – the estate would need a game keeper now that Kellers was leaving.

Kellers was to leave as two people, both himself and as Richard. He would simply need to smuggle himself back into the country and then depart once more, this time with Sandrine. The story that would circulate would be that Richard had left his wife to be with his French maid and in her indignation Constance had refused to grant a divorce. Kellers and Sandrine would get a house in the French countryside.

In short, everyone would have a chance of happiness and the ghosts of the past would lay buried in an unmarked grave under a pretty but unkempt little summer house overlooking a sparkling lake...

Another Tale of the Taboo begins tomorrow.

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