Hot North London Girls get in the Groove

Hot North London Girls get in the Groove.

Hot North London Girls get in the Groove

It was two days later when I got a call from lusty North London escort Erika and she asked me out on a date. Apparently her boyfriend Roger and his best pal Nigel were heading off to an Italian ski resort for some winter sun and fun on the piste and so Erika was on her lonesome. I had hoped the hot North London girl would call and so I immediately agreed to the invitation but on the proviso that we make a night of it, hit a club and stay overnight at a top London hotel.

I did some research on Google and discovered that the excusive Langham Hotel on Portland Place was offering a relaxing spa weekend at a great rate and I was thrilled at the idea of being pampered. The beautiful, oriental themed pool looked a delight, a real treat and I imagine myself enjoying a total body rub and massage at the hands of the resident expert masseuse. Erika loved the idea and so we duly booked a twin – though if I had my way we would only need one of the beds – and I hopped off to the stores to get some sexy clothes and frivolous lingerie.

I knew that there were plenty of nightclubs near the hotel and my favourite was The Anthologist on Gresham Street. This was where you would find the coolest, sexiest North London girls and guys in the city and on a Saturday they featured ‘The Groove’ and a ‘soul Saturday’ play list that was divine. I called Hayley, my friend and one of the best escorts in North London and asked her for a tip on how to gain entry without breaking the bank – I knew that once inside there would be guys falling over themselves to buy the two sexy North London girls drinks – and she suggested a pre eleven pm entry, which was a mere fiver but you had to get yourself on to the guest list.

Having found the perfect outfit – a tight fitting micro dress in a silver fabric and some great, sexy undies I was all set and looking forward to my hot date. I wondered what the ultra sensual and sexy North London girl Erika would be wearing and couldn’t wait to get steamy with the model North London escort, she of the perfect pout, long and lithe limbs, round ass and pert tits. Thoughts of her had dominated my mind since our last lusty romp and I couldn’t wait to get it on once more. The idea of us doing a steamy girl on girl dance in the nightclub was also a great turn on and I was sure there would be many male admirers along the way, helping to write our tale of the taboo...

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