Hot and heavy loving for the North London escort

Hot and heavy loving for the North London escort.

Hot and heavy loving for the North London escort

I walked into Ray’s parlour, a basement room that had been turned into a sex lover’s paradise and immediately knew that I had made the right decision when choosing the sexy lingerie I wore. I had guessed correctly that Ray was into some form of light bondage and submissive women and my virgin white basque teamed with white fur covered handcuffs was just the right combination of saint and sinner. As a sexually experienced North London girl I wasn’t fazed at all. Ray meanwhile was dressed in leather pants with plenty of straps and chains hanging from the trousers. He carried a paddle and he wore a half face mask of black leather. His erection looked huge.

Immediately Ray ordered me to the bed and he quickly retrieved straps from each corner with which to restrain me, and I was soon spread-eagled and at his mercy. Ray began to cover my entire body with kisses and wet licking at my sensitive spots. He held me down and caressed my willing torso, my moans egging him on to greater and better things. He then flipped me over and redid the ties before tugging at my panties, tearing them from my body and tossing them aside. I was in sexual heaven, thoroughly enjoying being Ray’s plaything and desperate to enjoy his over sized manhood.

Flat on my stomach Ray took me from behind, keeping my legs closed together this time and riding me with abandon. I screamed out in ecstasy, his manhood had completely filling me up and feeling fit to burst, but Ray continued with his energetic love making, thrusting deeply and at some speed. I could feel that he was close to coming and with that knowledge I tried to vary the sex and delay the moment as I was enjoying myself too much for it all to end. A few playful spanks on my behind to remind the North London girl who was the boss and with that Ray came, loudly, his body tense and the pleasure lingering on as he continued to thrust into me.

By the end of the evening we had made love at least half a dozen times, each time employing a different erotic scenario, sometimes with Ray dominant and sometimes I took charge as he played with his tales of the taboo. As a sexy North London girl I had made love to many experienced and horny men but Ray’s imagination took the biscuit: he was always thinking of something new and exciting to experiment with. I would remember this night for a long time, but I knew that he wasn’t right for me as a long term partner. Ray’s interest was in sex in North London, not in deep and meaningful relationships, and despite his skill between the sheets and his wild sexual imagination for me it was great sex but nothing more. I wondered whether my North London escort friends would agree...

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