Hire North London Escorts and feel a sexual frisson of excitement in your life

Hire North London Escorts and feel a sexual frisson of excitement in your life.

Hire North London Escorts and feel a sexual frisson of excitement in your life

Nigel and Roger were probably the luckiest guys in the city that night as they sat back in the comfort of two huge leather armchairs and watched two sexy North London girls get it on for their enjoyment and sexual pleasure and I was absolutely loving it, revelling in the moment as Erika expertly used her tongue to great effect, quickly bringing me to orgasmic heaven. I reciprocated, and pulled her on top of me so that she rode my face and tongue, giving me unfettered access to her sweet and sensitive spot. She writhed and moaned in delight, massaging her own breasts and looking across at the guys, eagerly anticipating their participation in our orgy of passion. Erika literally purred as I drew my tongue across her enlarged clitoris...

BY now the guys had begun to strip down and Roger stepped over and led Erika away by the hand into one of the apartment’s bed rooms. He clearly wanted her to himself and I could see that he was stiff and proud, his manhood impressive and not to be denied. Nigel meanwhile had lifted me from the soft sheepskin rug and had perched me on the breakfast bar. He nuzzled my neck and sucked at my nipples, pushing my legs wide apart and pulling me onto him, my bottom delicately perched on the wooden counter top, his face in my breasts and his penis thrusting deep within me. I was lost in the moment, a sexy North London girl enjoying her carnal fill, delightful sensations washing over my nubile body, Nigel’s excitement evident as his thrusts became ever more frequent and as he neared orgasmic release. Lifting me up I straddled him and he used his strong arms to lift me up and down on his engorged manhood before slamming me back against a wall as he came with a roar of relief, his satisfaction achieved. His body shuddered and then I felt him relax and he fell back on to the sofa, leaving me standing before him.

I was not fully satisfied though and so I decided to gate crash Roger’s sex party with the lusty and naughty North London girl Erika. I pushed open the door to their bedroom to find Erika riding Roger and so I straddled his face, allowing him to pleasure me whilst I engaged in hot and lusty, wet kissing with the girl. It didn’t take long for me too, to enjoy the delights of sexual release and I collapsed exhausted on the bed next to the lovers who continued to rut like wild animals. Nigel’s stamina was impressive though I surmised that Erika would drive any man to sexual distraction, she was one hot North London girl and any guy who dated this cheap North London escort was in for a treat on their date, she would surely lit a fire in his soul!

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