Fantasy sex for the North London escorts

Fantasy sex for the North London escorts.

Fantasy sex for the North London escorts

Ray’s fantasies were intoxicating: I was riveted to his every word and I felt myself getting turned on more and more as he regaled me with his sex stories. Apart from his lust for a sexy North London girl to take him in the cockpit of a commercial airliner he had a few other ideas for sexual happiness that he was more than willing to share. In fact I suspected that fantasy number six on his top ten countdown would be to tell his fantasies to a beautiful North London girl! And it wasn’t just his stories that were turning me on; his hands had begun to wander across my inner thigh as he spoke...

At number four in Ray’s list of fantasies was to be surrounded by beautiful North London escorts and engaged in an orgy where he was the only man. Surrounded and bathing in a bevy of beauties Ray would enjoy each woman in turn. But these were not just any sexy North London girls, these girls were each individually skilled in making love, each girl with her own ‘signature’ sexual position. The girls were also diverse in country of origin, hair colour, bust size and shape – a veritable cornucopia of sexually charged creatures with one aim in life, to make Ray happy.

Ray spared me the intimate details but I got the picture. He liked to think of himself as ‘out there’, a sexual predator irresistible to women but you know, he was having just that very effect on me... I felt hot and bothered and there was a stirring in the pit of my stomach which meant only one thing. I was feeling frustrated and I longed to make love.

That was when Ray took me by surprise. He no doubt had noticed my flushed expression, my fidgeting and agitated state. He knew exactly what he was doing to me and he saw no reason not to capitalise on my heightened state of sexual readiness. He leant over, in a conspiratorial fashion, and whispered to me, asking what underwear I was wearing and was my lingerie ‘hot’... I assured him that I was dressed to impress but he wouldn’t be seeing my undies that night: there would be sex in North London, it just wouldn’t involve us. He laughed, sensing that I was just being a tease and that he had already got past the hurdle of “will she, won’t she”...

“Just give me a little peak...” he said, his words dripping with the promise of pleasure to come. I surreptitiously loosened a couple of buttons at the top of my blouse and leant forwards, pulling my collar as if to cool down but in reality letting him see my brassiere.

“Very nice” he said, “but what about your panties...?” Another tale of the taboo was about to unfold for this hot North London girl...

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