Best sex in North London for the lucky cowboy

Best sex in North London for the lucky cowboy.

Best sex in North London for the lucky cowboy

Tamara was a real teasing temptress. She had a wicked sense of humour and an uninhibited sexuality that would probably have frightened off most men within a minute of meeting her. She wasn’t backward about being forward and she had already told me more than once what she would like to do to me between the sheets and I had replied to the hot North London girl that I was more than ready and willing to share her fantasies.

But at this moment the sexy North London girl was planning on a girl on girl seduction of an unsuspecting male who didn't realise that he was about to enjoy the best sex in North London. She had picked out her ‘victim’ and was preparing to pounce. He looked like a cool guy, with his faded jeans and cowboy boots, the sleeves rolled up on his open necked check shirt and an interesting silver medallion around his neck. His hair was long and he had the beginnings of a beard. I fancied him right from the start but Tamara wasn’t interested, she wasn’t looking for love, this sexy North London girl was purely interested in seduction and public sex.

The idea was for the two of us to attract his attention by kissing in his line of sight and then for Tamara to throw him the doe eyes during our intimate action. She would beckon him over with a wave of her hands and then we would undertake a pincer movement, pinning the lucky guy between our nubile bodies and then going about our business with abandon. Tamara had already boasted to me that she would be the one to make him come and I was determined to rise to the challenge – there hadn’t been a man who hadn’t succumbed to my well honed sexual techniques as far back as I could remember and I wasn’t about to let that record pass any time soon.

Tamara leant close and she softly kissed me at the corner of the mouth with closed lips. And then again, and again and the erotic, stimulating kisses began to have the desired effect as not only did our ‘cowboy’ look over and remain transfixed but it also lit a fire in the pit of my stomach and I could feel my arousal and desire welling up. She was an intensely carnal and exciting creature and I soon found myself reciprocating with ever more and lusty kisses, now open mouthed, our tongues competing in a pursuit of pleasure. Watching the two horny and hot North London girls I could see our cowboy, a bulge in his trousers and an intense longing in his face, his jaw dropping ever further as he perused our passionate sex acts.

Tamara duly beckoned him and he must have thought that we were two North London escorts for hire as he paused, hesitated, wondered if the two lusty girls would be too much for him. And then he stood and walked over to us in our secluded den of iniquity, ready to be a character in my next tale of the taboo...

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