Basic instincts of the hot North London girls

Basic instincts of the hot North London girls.

Basic instincts of the hot North London girls

Erika was turning so many heads I felt like nicknaming her ‘the exorcist’ – LOL. I had to admit that she looked absolutely gorgeous and I wanted to take her straight home and enjoy her nubile body right there and then but I resisted the temptation to attempt a seduction so early in the evening. I have to admit though that I was feeling pangs of jealousy when guys were so openly drooling over the hot North London Girl. Wasn’t I also a sexy North London girl, did I have two heads or something?

And then there was another thing: it wasn’t just that I was jealous of the attention she was receiving from guys – and North London girls as well! – it was also that I was feeling all sorts of other emotions that confused me, ranging from being possessive to being hot and flustered to being insecure! Erika by day was a hot North London escort for hire and the confidence that she exuded was intoxicating, I felt bewitched! I had always thought of myself as a hot and horny heterosexual kind of gal with a little bit of bi-curious thrown in for good measure but in Erika’s company I was lesbian through and through and only had eyes for the sensual beauty whose arm I gripped at every possible opportunity. I had to warn myself off being so clingy. Erika had a boyfriend and had shown no inclination to disown him and shack up with me!

We hit the dance floor, two sexy North London girls recreating the famous moves from Basic Instinct where Sharon Stone danced with her lesbian lover to arouse and tease Michael Douglas. We had scores of guys flocking around us and even copping a naughty feel, though it was impossible to know who had overstepped the mark. I rubbed my body up close to Erika’s back and my hands crept all over her firm body. She purred as I brushed my fingers across her fine breasts and leant in closer so that my warm breath washed over her neck and ears. It was clear that she was aroused, her erect nipples poked through the thin fabric of her skin hugging little black dress and it wasn’t long before she whispered to me, asking if I wanted to join her in the ladies for some party fun and a fumble... I wasn’t about to decline the offer...

We reached the toilets and found an unoccupied cubicle. My head shot back as I enjoyed party time and then I felt Erika’s lips on mine, her tongue probing and greedy and her hand reaching down to my waxed pubic area seeking out my sensitive spots. I sighed with pleasure and reciprocated and soon we were pleasuring each other with abandon, hardly noticing the mobile phone being held over the cubicle and filming the saucy scene. Whoever was recording the romp for posterity would surely have a tale of the taboo to share with friends... I just hoped that they wouldn’t be sharing the carnal encounter between two hot North London girls on YouTube or Google images!

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