A romantic and lusty interlude for a hot North London girl

A romantic and lusty interlude for a hot North London girl.

A romantic and lusty interlude for a hot North London girl

Damien had no clue as to what was on my mind. I left him at our dinner table and honestly, it was a blessed relief not to have to listen to him endlessly talking about himself, his car and the hot North London girls he had sired. But equally I knew that I was being very naughty indeed. The older guy who had signalled that I should join him at the far corner of the wine bar, near the washrooms had looked so sophisticated and sexy that I couldn’t help myself but do as he had indicated. As I walked past a crowd of sexy North London girls I felt no guilt for Damien, I had only just met him and he was boring me to death though I did feel a pang of something for the woman the older guy had left at his table. How long could we be gone before one or other of our partners suspected something was up? Anyway, I was jumping ahead; perhaps he just wanted to talk or to give me his number?

I sashayed over to where the man stood, wiggling my hips for all the world to see. I was feeling sexy, I knew I had the confidence and verve and style of a North London escort for hire and I was ready for just about anything. I stood in front of him and he kissed me on the neck, softly, whilst whispering that I was a sexy North London girl and that he was going to have his ‘evil’ way with me. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up as a shiver raced across my body. I was hesitant, excited but slightly afraid but before I could object or resist he led me into the male wash room and thence into a cubicle where he began to caress my body. I felt incredibly aroused and yearned to have him. He lifted me up on to the cistern of a loo and pulled down my panties before spreading my legs and quickly entering me. I cried out as his huge manhood took me and then gasped and moaned as he rhythmically enjoyed my young North London girl’s body. After a mere five minutes of lovemaking we came together, looking into each other’s eyes in an orgy of passion and then he was gone. I stepped to the mirror and tidied up my hair and smoothed down my dress and then I realised that the mystery man had taken my panties. What would Damien think if we ended up in the sack later!

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