A lusty man, two saucy sex toys and one hot London girl

A lusty man, two saucy sex toys and one hot London girl.

A lusty man, two saucy sex toys and one hot London girl

Glen quickly took control in the bedroom. For a guy in his fifties he was in great shape and from his relaxed demeanour the easy going Glen clearly had no trouble bagging sexy North London girls. In fact when we had arrived at his place the first thing I noticed was the myriad pictures of Glen with one beauty or another. It was immediately apparent to me that he wasn’t the settling down type – there were no pictures of family, of children but that was fine by me, for whilst I wanted him sexually I knew that there would be little else that we had in common. It wasn’t enough to be a cultured hunk, though being an expert in the bedroom was certainly a plus, with a taste for young sexy North London girls, there had to be some sort of connection as well.

Glen had thrown me down on to the bed and I was doing my best to be his erotic fantasy, willingly subjugating myself to his powerful hands and his sexual needs. I told myself to pretend that I was an escort for hire, a confident and sexually powerful North London girl who was fun loving and open to sexual experimentation. I needed all the confidence I could muster as Glen’s sexual demands became increasingly strident and kinky. As he was making love to me in the standard missionary position he held my wrists and pushed my hands above my head and before I knew it I had been hand cuffed to the iron bed. It was a highly erotic and intense moment and I felt my excitement levels soar as my body responded to what had always been a fantasy but never a reality for me. Then he brought out a steel bar with ankle attachments and soon I was prostrate and at his mercy. He made love to me with a fury, a sexual frenzy of lust and desire that seemed to last for hours as he enjoyed his hot North London girl. I experienced and enjoyed multiple orgasms at his expert hands and by morning I was shattered and left, leaving Glen and his mighty libido asleep on the bed.

It had been a fantastic night and I had been totally satisfied sexually, as had Glen I thought, certainly his face had been a picture of pleasure when he had enjoyed his release. I made a mental note to visit a sex toys site on the web, some of the fun stuff Glen had introduced me to needed to play more of a part in my ongoing love life!

When I got home it was around eight in the morning. I hit the bed and didn’t surface until six the following afternoon – I only had an hour and a half before my second date, with Roger...

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